In this section problems with Panofind and possible bugs can be described and help can be found
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Hi Andreas,

I really like PANOFIND!

I have installed Panofind 1.10 on a new laptop and after indexing 10 items it stops indexing and will not restart. Am I doing something wrong. or is this a bug?

Thank you for all the hardwork on EAC and Panofind!

Kind regards,

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Re: Indexing

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Hi Roger,

sorry to hear about your problems.

It could be a variety of issues which creates the problems.
- Did you check whether the service runs (in the Panofind settings there is a service status information)
- Did you configure the folders where the documents are related to be indexed?
- What happens if you add more folders to be indexed? Will the new files show up?
- Try also to deinstall the application and then install it anew. Will it then also only index 10 files?
- Do these 10 files have something in common? (All of the same type, or in the same folder, etc.)

If you are interested in debugging this further, please let me know by email.
If anything above already fixes the problem, please write what solved the problem (so that other users can find out what the problem was)

Best regards,
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